Lelong line

Lelong Pour Femme celebrates
every beautiful moment in the full and passionate life
of today's woman.

Lelong Pour Femme epitomizes the glamour of Paris's Art Moderne period. Evocative of a time when perfume was considered a grand passion, it is a lasting tribute to Monsieur Lelong. The image of the clock, throughout the packaging, reminds a woman that anytime she wears Lelong Pour Femme something special is bound to happen.

The packaging is extraordinary and dramatic. Both the Parfum and Eau de Parfum crystal arch shaped flacons are topped with a double tusk perfume stopper in trompe l'oeil tortoise shell, in the authentic style of the period, emphasized by a golden plaque debossed with the classic Lelong logo. The Parfum is a masterpiece embodying an actual timepiece.

This unique floral oriental fragrance melds bright mandarin and bergamot, which add a sparkling effect to the rich top notes of magnolia flowers, garden lilac and Kadota Fig Intenscent. The timeless beauty of jasmine, rose de mai, tuberose, ylang ylang, and iris is highlighted with the distinctive signature notes of sharry baby orchid, purple cattleya orchid, and white cattleya orchid. A smooth oriental background of creamy sandalwood, vetivert, oakmoss, and musk completes these fragrances.

Lelong Pour Femme Parfum
The most concentrated and long lasting form of the fragrance. This dramatic presentation is embodied in a crystal flacon with an actual timepiece. Absolutely exquisite anywhere displayed.
1.0 fl. oz.

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Lelong Pour Femme
Eau de Parfum Vaporisateur

Lelong Pour Femme Eau de Parfum captures and embraces the essence of the Parfum in a lighter form. Elegantly packaged in a crystal flacon.
1.7 fl. oz. or 3.4 fl. oz

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