A fragrance that combines the glamour of the 30's
with the dynamic energy of today

The woman who wears Indiscret is sophisticated, discriminating, gloriously feminine. She has a sense of style and a sense of self, an air of glamour that is compelling yet refined. She wants her fragrance to be as memorable as her presence.

Indiscret is a complex fruity-floral. An intriguing blend of Mandarin, Orange Flower, Algerian Jasmine, French Tuberose, Scarlet Oakmoss, Egyptian Amber and other exotic essential oils that give Indiscret its elegance and richness, as well as a unique lasting quality. It is a fragrance that has a definite signature, and what is known as "trail", a distinct presence left behind.

Indiscret Parfum
Edition Spciale/Collector's Edition
Hand Engraved Numbered Series

The ultimate presentation of the Indiscret fragrance, Parfum, the most potent form. Each handcrafted Collector's Edition Parfum is numbered in a limited series and is a near perfect replica of the original Indiscret. The crystal bottle is hand-filled and tied with a gold thread and is presented on a golden pedestal inscribed with "Indiscret".
.25 fl. oz.

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Indiscret Parfum Refillable Purse Spray
Parfum, the most precious form of Indiscret, packaged in an elegant jewelry-like presentation to carry with you at all times. The black-lacquered case trimmed in gold is decorated with the signature Lucien Lelong double L logo in black enamel outlined in a pav of Swarovski crystals that sparkle like diamonds. A luxurious black sueded velvet drawstring pouch accompanies the presentation. This very elegant presentation of Indiscret Parfum is, of course, refillable.

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Indiscret Parfum Spray Refill
A .25 oz glass vial refill of the precious Indiscret Parfum. So simple and easy to replace in the luxurious metal case.

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Indiscret Eau de Parfum Vaporisateur
Indiscret Eau de Parfum is at an unusually high concentration delivering an extremely long-lasting version of this elegant, sophisticated fragrance.
1.7 fl. oz or 3.4 fl. oz.

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